Vital Life Health Center is the premier Atlanta clinic for chiropractic, functional neurology, and personal injury.


We are a vitalistic wellness center built on a respect for the body as an intelligent expression of life, clinically focused on the nervous system and devoted to caring for people from birth to beyond 100. Our innovative and world-class office takes a comprehensive view of healthcare, with services tailored to help patients regain their health naturally and optimize their potential so that each person can live their best life-- and extraordinary life!

The services at Vital Life Health Center are non-invasive and patient-centered. Our primary focus is improving your overall health, and helping your entire family do the same. This is care that takes YOUR health goals into account. Our doctors will review your case and recommend appropriate care that is individualized to your personal health needs. Our care will take your health to the next level naturally, without drugs or surgery. 

Vital Life Health Center is proud to be a Life University Chiropractic Center for Health and Optimum Performance



Chiropractors recognize that the nervous system is the master control system which oversees all functions of the body. When interference is present in the nervous system, it results in malfunction, diseases and infirmities, and reduced quality of life.

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functional neurology

How well is your brain functioning? Functional Neurologists focus on the neuroplasticity of your brain to improve the efficiency of the nervous system and optimize cognitive function.

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