Life University has selected the most exceptional doctors in the field to bring the patients at Vital Life advanced and state-of-the-art health care. We believe that our practice is only as good as our team, and for that reason, we work hard to provide an excellent team for all of your health care needs. On behalf of the doctors and staff, welcome to our clinic. We are excited to be a part of your extraordinary life!



Bryna Waters, D.C.

Dr. Bryna Waters has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the health and wellness industry. Her expertise ranges from graduating with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Sports Science and working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Finding chiropractic and its impact on performance in her own life led her to become a Doctor of Chiropractic to help educate clients on the impact of Chiropractic for peak performance, injury recovery, and overall health and wellness. Add to this her passion within her practice of working with pregnant patients and newborns, and you can see how her quest for knowledge just keeps growing her expertise. Dr. Bryna continues to add advanced certifications and skills to her repetoir to help individual clients and corporations in Midtown Atlanta and beyond.


Ryan Cedermark, D.C.

Dr. Ryan Cedermark graduated Magna Cum Laude from Life University in 2011, becoming an honorary member of the chiropractic honor society Pi Tau Delta. While in school, Dr. Cedermark enrolled in post-graduate neurology courses, earning his Diplomate in Neurology from the American Chiropractic Neurology Board in 2013. Passionate about a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, Dr. Cedermark graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Duke University and is currently enrolled in a Family Nurse Practitioner program at Georgia State University. Dr. Cedermark is also a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and serves on the board of the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (IAFNR) as well as the Medical Advisory Board for SNA Biotech. Dr. Cedermark currently works full-time as a clinician at Vital Life Health Centers in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Cedermark’s multidisciplinary educational background creates a unique approach in today’s healthcare environment.

Executive Team

1990 DrRiekeman_preview.jpg

Guy Riekeman, D.C.

Executive Director

As a leader in the chiropractic profession, Dr. Riekeman works non-stop to keep the public and his fellow leaders in healthcare informed of important issues in Chiropractic, Vitalism and wellness to create a greater appreciation of the shift from an authoritarian “sickness care” system to a vitalistic partnership approach to health and wellness.

Under his leadership as both President and Chancellor, Dr. Riekeman has guided Life University to become the largest single campus chiropractic college in the world. His leadership created the 20/20 Vision, a multi-year, multi-phase initiative transforming Life University into a modern college campus with all the old-world values of education.


Simone Branham

Office Manager

Simone is originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After serving 6 years in the United States Army, she is on track in completing her PhD in Public Service with a specialization in Criminology. Her background in the military and working within the criminal justice system has allowed her to provide a selfless service to our country, her community, students, and now patients at Vital Life. She believes in helping others in any way that she can and recognizes that you must take care of your mind, body, and soul in ALL that you do.




Britni Jordan, D.C.

Patient Advocate

Dr. Britni Jordan is a leader of vitalistic healthcare. She has a passion for educating people about the power of healing that is within them. Her skill lies in encouraging people to live a life that inspires them to be their best self. Her passionate work has been recognized numerous times; being recognized as a Leader of Integrative Change, Executive Leader of the Year, President of the Year, Ambassador of the Year within the Chiropractic health industry, as well as a Beacon of Light as a professional woman. Dr. Britni brings these talents and accolades down to the personal level when guiding women on their individual health journey. She believes that women are truly the most powerful & unique beings created.


Ciara Taborn, D.C.

Community Relations Manager

Dr. Ciara Taborn has a genuine love for people and she is passionate about helping others achieve their optimal health. Her vision is to educate women and families on staying healthy through corrective Chiropractic care. Dr. Ciara graduated from Alabama State University with a Bachelor of science degree in Psychology, she then continued her education by receiving her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University in Atlanta, GA. This is where she developed a true passion to change people’s lives through balancing their nervous system and allowing them to express their true selves. A strong understanding of the human body and chiropractic philosophy drives her to educate patients.


Kacey Mountjoy


Patient Advocate

Kacey attended Valdosta State University and worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant throughout college. She has always been extremely passionate about helping others. Under treatment and through her career at Vital Life, she has realized that her passion is not only helping others by loving and caring for them but also going one step further and educating them on how the body is self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing. She hopes that her past experiences will help her reach people and give them knowledge and awareness that there ARE other alternatives to drugs and surgeries, to ensure they live a happy, healthy lifestyle.


Kaleigh Landaeta

Patient Advocate



Ada Hoffman

Patient Advocate

Ada was born and raised in the Bronx, NY.  She is a proud mother of five children, and is now a grandmother as well. Ada's passion for helping people led her to a career in the medical field in 1994. Her role as a patient advocate at VLHC allows her to continue this passion of helping others.  She is dedicated to helping people achieve their optimum life through empowerment and understanding of how the body is a self-maintaining, self-healing and self-developing organism. Ada's primary goal is to help people achieve optimum health without the use of drugs or surgery, which is why chiropractic is a great fit for her. Ada is also bilingual and assists with Spanish-speaking patients as needed. 


Kerry Green

Community Relations Manager

Kerry Green is a graduate of both Jackson State University and Life University where being mediocre isn’t an option. He is a Community Relations Manager that has a genuine love for helping others understand that being true to SELF means being true to HEALTH. His personality allows him to excel in the things he loves most which are networking and business development, with a twist of fashion.